PA CASA’s Grand Slam Outreach at the Little League World Series 2023

During the month of August, Pennsylvania Court Appointed Special Advocates (PA CASA) proudly helped welcome the world during the Little League World Series! The event not only celebrates youth baseball but also showcases the incredible sense of community that defines our Commonwealth. It’s a time when approximately 85,000 people, along with international sports news sources, converge on the small town of Williamsport to watch future baseball stars. At this year’s event, PA CASA, with support from Susquehanna Valley CASA, brought our mission of advocating for children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect to the world through an array of engaging outreach efforts. Here’s a closer look at how we hit it out of the ballpark and made a lasting impact:

Billboard Buzz

One of our early outreach efforts was the eye-catching digital billboard placed strategically near the Little League World Series venue. The billboard displayed our message loud and clear, inviting both locals and visitors to learn about CASA’s mission and join us in advocating for children in the child welfare system. This prominent presence helped us connect with a broader audience and raise awareness about CASA’s cause.

Rolling Advocacy with Bus Advertisements

In addition to the billboard, PA CASA made sure our message reached the streets of Williamsport through four bus advertisements. These ads not only served as moving billboards but also highlighted our commitment to the community. Commuters, tourists, and locals alike were informed of the critical work CASA volunteers do, encouraging more people to get involved and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Grand Slam Parade Participation

The Grand Slam Parade is a cherished tradition that kicks off the Little League World Series. This year, PA CASA was proud to be a part of the parade with our own float. Our float was not just an impressive display but also an opportunity to engage with the community and spread awareness about CASA’s mission and work. With staff and board members from PA CASA, Susquehanna Valley CASA, and baseball playing youth proudly representing us around the float, we celebrated the spirit of community and collaboration that defines both the Little League World Series and PA CASA. We also distributed a good amount of candy to those gathered on the sidewalks!

Williamsport Welcomes the World

“Williamsport Welcomes the World” is an event where different organizations set up tables to showcase their work and interact with the thousands of people who visit during the Little League World Series. PA CASA was present at this event with an informative and engaging table. We seized this opportunity to educate attendees about the critical role CASA volunteers play in the lives of children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect, and how they can join us in making a difference.

Video Collaboration with Susquehanna Valley CASA 

To further amplify our message and highlight the importance of our mission, we collaborated with Susquehanna Valley CASA Board President Corey Mowrey, Esquire, in creating a video message. As both the President of Susquehanna Valley CASA and a former Little League player and current Little League coach, his message bridged the two organizations beautifully. It’s a testament to our commitment to working together with local programs and allies to strengthen our cause.

Overall, the 2023 Little League World Series was a grand stage for PA CASA to showcase our dedication to the welfare of children. Our outreach efforts served to highlight the importance of CASA’s mission and the need for more volunteers and supporters.

As we reflect on our involvement in this iconic event, we are reminded that our shared intention is all about building stronger, safer communities for the children who need it most. PA CASA will continue to grow, strengthen, and unite local CASA programs so they can ensure the safety, well-being, and forever home for every abused and/or neglected child in Pennsylvania. Working with local programs throughout the Commonwealth, we will advocate tirelessly for children in the court system, ensuring that their voices are heard and their best interests are served. The Little League World Series was just one more opportunity to spread the word and make a real impact in the lives of the children CASA volunteers serve. Together, we can be a grand slam for children’s well-being.

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