Two New Actions to Strengthen School-Based Mental Health Services

On July 29, 2022, The Biden-Harris Administration announced two new actions to strengthen school-based mental health services and address the youth mental health crisis. This fact sheet outlines specific funding for more education, services, and support. 

A few additional funding areas include:

  • Fostering Trauma-Informed Services in Schools
  • Responding to Childhood Trauma Associated with Community Violence
  • Improving Oversight of Medicaid’s Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment Benefit
  • Increasing Access to Children’s Mental Health Services
  • Expanding Training for Pediatric Providers
  • Supporting Community and First Responders Mental Health Training
  • Expanding Access to Out-of-School Programs

PA CASA acknowledges that in recent years, we’ve seen significant increases in mental health challenges that impact the communities we serve. The Social Justice Institute is committed to having continuous conversations about the mental health disparities in the child welfare system. PA CASA recognizes the importance of understanding and bringing awareness to the mental health experiences of minority and marginalized communities. As part of our ongoing efforts to address inequalities, we will continue to have the necessary conversations to focus on advocating for appropriate and effective mental health treatment. 

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