Allegheny County Judge Gives Facebook Shout Out To CASA Volunteers!

Honorable David Spurgeon Shoutout

Honorable David Spurgeon, who oversees the Allegheny County Family Division Court, where he hears delinquency, dependency, and PFA cases, recently recognized CASA of Allegheny County volunteers for “providing another set of eyes on his kiddos.”

Honorable David Spurgeon Shoutout

Helping volunteers feel appreciated during hard times is essential not only for their well-being but for their sense of connection to our shared mission.  Allegheny CASA’’s were acknowledged by someone who knows how extraordinary they are in the life of children — Judge David Spurgeon!   As leaders of volunteers, CASA programs like Allegheny County have come up with new ways to deal with this quickly evolving situation.  In a recent Facebook post, Judge Spurgeon said Casa’s offered him peace of mind to learn that volunteers were still checking-in on his kids by virtually playing games and helping with school work. Judge Spurgeon further stated, “Thank you, CASA volunteers for providing another set of eyes for our kids and know that I include you in the category of unsung heroes during this pandemic. 

Thank YOU, Judge Spurgeon, from CASA’s everywhere who work together to support foster parents, child welfare professionals, and many others to meet the needs of children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

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